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Caroline’s Birthday Part 2

Happy Tuesday! It’s the end of January, where did time go?!

Today is part 2 of sweet little Caroline’s birthday. You guys, we did soo much in one day at the Magic Kingdom and still didn’t cover everything. Needless to say, we were beyond exhausted after this fun-filled day!

I left off yesterday with the Tiki Room–afterward we headed over to Pinocchio Villiage Haus for some yummy pizza! And quickly headed from there to the Tomorrowland Speedway.

John, Caroline, and I sat in the same car but I wish I would have let the two of them sit together that way Caroline could have driven the car. Oh well, we still had fun.

By this point in the day we hadn’t really stopped and Caroline hadn’t napped so my father-in-law suggested we do the Carousel of Progress–it’s dark and air-conditioned in there but I was doubtful of her actually sleeping. Thankfully the ride went on repeat and after Caroline’s curiosity wore off she fell into a deep sleep.

The only reason we woke sweet Caroline was to go meet one of her absolute all-time favorite princesses…you guessed it…BELLE!

When Caroline saw Belle walk out she about had a heart attack! Her face was priceless. Enchanted Tales with Belle is a must if you have a Belle fan in your household.

After seeing Belle, we quickly ran to the parade and I snuck down between two people to get a front-row seat with Caroline. If I thought her face was priceless when she saw Belle it was times a million when she saw Anna! And the sweetest thing was Anna saw Caroline and really made it a point to wave back to her.

My heart exploded with love and joy at that moment too. It was special, to say the least.

After the parade we had kinda checked off all the things we wanted to do besides the fireworks, so meandered over to the Big Top Souvenirs shopping center where Caroline’s grandparents bought her a Mickey Mouse and some princesses! Caroline loved Mickey soo much!

And now that she had her very own Mickey we needed to let him say hello to his beloved Minnie Mouse. This was one of Caroline’s favorite parts of the day. She even did a little Eskmo Kiss with Minnie!

And Daisey Duck was just as delightful!

As we were wrapping up our greetings and rides, we had to ride It’s a Small World. Caroline loved all the dolls and to our surprise, she was naming the movies that matched the country the dolls were from. This girl seriously surprises us every day with what she knows.

By this time we were able to squeeze in dinner before the fireworks and Pecos Bills it was! Great tacos, all that was missing was a margarita!

Topping off the night in beautiful Disney fashion were the fireworks. The show they have for the fireworks is really amazing and totally worth staying for at least once.

When we got to the car I put Caroline in her pajamas so when we arrived at home all we had to do was put her in bed. This was a little trick my parents told me about. And it worked like a charm.

The next morning we were all still so tired but this girl was full of energy and ready to take Mickey to Mass with us.

We had such a blessed day. It was truly Magical in all the ways Disney does it!

Have you been to the Magic Kingdom with your little ones? What is your favorite memory or thing to do there with them? I’d love to hear! Comment below because we are going back soon and I want to cover anything we missed!

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