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Caroline Turns 2 1/2!

This is so fun!

I haven’t done an update on Caroline since she was 22 months! I can’t believe this sweet girl turned 2 1/2 on Saturday!

Seriously where is time going?

We are eating up every moment with her. Life with Caroline is just pure FUN! She is truly the light of our life and we adore everything about her!

I’m going to use the outline that I used before she turned 2 to review her sweet little life.


Caroline is somewhat picky right now with food and I’m just going with it. She loves to eat pasta with parmesan cheese, broccoli, peanut butter and jelly, oatmeal with strawberries, bananas, carrots, hummus, cheese, and anything sweet.

I try to introduce her new foods but she often says she “can’t like that and she will like it when she gets older”. lol! Cracks us up!

To sum up her food habits, I’m not pushing her to eat things she doesn’t want to. I don’t feel like dealing with meltdowns at every meal. I know she will grow out of this one day, I’m just thankful for fiber gummies at the moment!


Caroline’s imagination is growing every day! Since Covid-19 we haven’t spent a lot of time with friends and family like normal so it’s been a lot of Caroline playing by herself or with me and she is doing just great!


Caroline is still taking one nap a day and I’m forever grateful for it!


This girl can talk your ears off! She talks a mile a minute whether you know what she is talking about or not. She is a talker around those she knows.

I love hearing all her fun thoughts and stories. 2 is just so fun!

things she loves

She loves going to the pool, playing outside, playing house, coloring, watching anything on Disney +. Life is just fun right now for her!

Caroline also started ballet recently and she loves it! I’m truly so proud of her!

things she doesn’t like

I will tell you she loves to swim but she “hated” her swim lessons. I’m not sure if she actually hated them but I do know she got into a routine of acting like she didn’t like them and that stuck with us the whole time.

funny happenings

The other day, when my mom was visiting, we were seated at the dinner table eating dinner when Caroline looked down at her dress to see if my mom had actually gotten the stain out from her dress earlier.

She looked to my mom and my mom said she had gotten the stain out and Caroline looked down at her dress and up again and said plain as day “try again next time, ok?”. We all lost it! This one does not hold back her thoughts at all.

She also knows how to get all of us laughing. Caroline loves to make these silly little faces at us with her eyes. She is so funny at only 2. She has picked up on her daddy’s humor for sure!

what’s going on in her world

Caroline is growing up so quickly! She is loving ballet and swimming in the pool.

She also loves her routines.

She loves it when it’s Friday night and she tells John that when she wakes up they will make pancakes together. She is totally our girl loving all routine!

I am beyond thankful that we have this sweet girl in our life! She is truly the biggest blessing to us!

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