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Caroline is 19 months old!

My baby is growing so fast! She's 19-months-old and I'm writing all about what's going on in her life. If you have a little in your life you might just like this read. |Bee Simply Organized|

Ok you guys, where is time going!? It feels like it was just the other day this sweet girl was turning 9 months old! And now 19 months old! And I know before I know it she’ll be 19 years old! Oh gosh, get the tissues I can’t handle it!

Ok, I’m back, I’m done crying and I’m ready to write about all the fun cuteness that is happening in this soon to 19-month-old life of little Caroline!

This girl has stolen our hearts in more ways than we can count and I know this is how each of you feel about your little one. It’s just such a mushy gushy feeling! 🙂

All about little Caroline at 19-months…


This girl still loves so many random foods. But her new favorites are salmon, broccoli, and rice. She loves it! And I love it too! It makes me so happy that she actually enjoys broccoli! Cheese and cookies are still her all-time favorite though!


She is having the best time playing with her baby doll. This thing has not left her side except for baths and if it could go in the bath with her, I’m sure it would! I love that she loves her little baby doll. I used to have one and it meant the world to me growing up.


This little booger loves her sleep. Thankfully she’s been doing a great job with it! One thing I’ve learned though is she does not transition from sleeping in the car to her crib. Once she wakes up even from a small car nap, she’s done for the day. So if I sense she is about to fall asleep in the car I do everything in my power to keep her from doing so because mama loves nap time!


Her language is always expanding! I love the way she says any word. Cheese and Hi Dada are probably my favorites! And the way she says hi to her baby doll is just to die for.

things she loves

Her baby doll for sure! She loves that sweet little thing and gets very upset when we leave a room and the baby isn’t in her arms. We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to call her baby…. baby, dolly? I don’t know. Comment below if you have a cute suggestion! 🙂

Caroline also loves to watch movies in her chair! Tangled is her new fav and it’s one of mine too! I find myself singing “I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream, I just want to see the floating lights….”. It’s the cutest little thing. And she also highly enjoys unloading our whole DVD collection. It’s a mess but whatever I say, she will only be this little for so long. The mess is always cleanable.

Caroline also loves to be with sweet friends and family! She has the best time when we go out and spend time with those we love. And if it includes swimming that is just an added bonus!

things she doesn’t like

When I take something away from her because she is not supposed to play with it and very randomly when water is poured on her head. Some days she loves it and some days she cries over it. We can’t seem to figure that one out.

Funny happenings

This girl has been cracking me up because she loves to pick out her clothes in the morning. She’ll even tell me when she doesn’t want to wear an outfit and she chooses another one instead. She also loves to take off her clothes and be in her diaper and bow only around the house! I don’t quite understand it but, hey I let her go like this while she’s little lol!

Also wearing John’s or my clothing is her fav! And all the accessories bracelets, nail polish, makeup, fancy shoes, you name it this girl wants to wear it! She is a picky little 19-month-old when it comes to her fashion.

what’s going on in her world

Caroline is still continuing with Physical Therapy and she is loving most of it! She loves to go down the slides and walk on the treadmill. She’s making great progress every week. She can also stand on her own while leaning or holding onto something. She’s getting there! Patience is our virtue.

This girl is just the greatest gift to us and we couldn’t be more blessed that God graced us with her! If you’re struggling with infertility check out my story and contact me! I’d love to help you in any way!



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