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Caroline: 21-month’s-old

It’s happening this little one is almost 2! This is crazy! I definitely can say the second year flew by way faster than the first year. I think maybe it’s all the counting of how many weeks old, and the big changes, and all the first year things. But this second year of Caroline’s life, wow, it’s seriously speeding by like a freight train and there’s no slowing down.

my growing baby


This girl feeds herself pretty much completely. Some mornings I look over at her using her fork to stab her waffles and strawberries and I just can’t believe it! When did this happen? The only things I’m still feeding her are things that make way too big of a mess and other than that she pretty much does it all herself!

She’s loving hummus still and asks for it consistently. She loves to grab an apple and just chew away. I prefer to be able to peel the skin for her first though. She loves most fruit and prefers only broccoli, green beans, and whole uncooked spinach leaves for veggies.

She loves all things carbs too. I think this is totally normal for a toddler but man carbs are her thing!


Give her a baby doll, books, crayons, or a box of nail polish and this girl is happy! Of course, unopened nail polish! Caroline loves girly things. She loves to color on everything even her babies and she’s obsessed with babies. She even calls children babies.


Caroline went through a little sleep regression this month.

I HATE sleep regressions. I feel like I lose my mind and all things that once were good in our little day go to smush!

So this month Caroline was getting upset when I would put her down for her naps and silly me thought if I just stand here till she falls asleep that will be better than listening to her cry.

Boy was I wrong. The moment I would try to tiptoe away she would suddenly wake and realize I was leaving. And then when I’d get tired of that she would scream and cry and throw everything from her crib. It was pretty awful.

So I messaged a sleep specialist I know from Instagram, Little Winks Sleep, and she gave me the easiest simple plan–since Caroline already knew how to put herself to sleep I would put her down let her cry for 10 mins then walk back upstairs, put her down, say it’s naptime then walk away and continue to repeat till she fell asleep.

And you know what?! It worked after 25 minutes Caroline got the hint and hasn’t done it since! I only had to go up 2 times! Each time I’d come downstairs I’d set my timer on my phone for 10 minutes so I wasn’t tempted to go in earlier!

I’m so thankful for my amazing Sleep Coach, Anna. DM her on Instagram or head to her site. I seriously love having her to connect to. Caroline has been a good sleeper but I’ve put a lot of work into training her to be so. And when she has a sleep regression I get so frazzled I can’t think straight. So it’s so nice to call on Anna and get a simple easy plan. It’s worked every time!

And a bonus for my readers, she’s giving you a FREE 15- minute phone call and if you need extra help (I did not but I know her deep dive help would be amazing if you’re having difficulty) she’s giving a code to you for $25 off a sleep package. Use the code BEESIMPLY .

Needless to say, Caroline is doing much better now! Thank God and so am I! lol!


This one has been soooo much fun! She knows so much more than she can speak but man the words that come out of her mouth have been the cutest thing! I think my favorites are love you, hi, hummus, cheese, and mama.

Things she loves

All things baby! She loves looking at babies, reading about babies, seeing babies, holding babies, maybe she is dropping a hint for John and me to have more babies lol!

Caroline also has really gotten into Elmo! She loves him. I started letting her watch it because her cousin loves it so I thought Caroline would too and boy was I right! I don’t know what those Sesame Street people do but my daughter is thrilled just to see Elmo!

Caroline also loves to climb all over our bed, wear princess crowns, use my makeup, and play in her new tent!

Things she doesn’t like

Riding in the car for too long, being told no, and oh so many food items.

Funny Happenings

So Caroline has been doing things she’s not supposed to like coloring in a book or coloring on furniture, that is not what’s funny but what’s funny to me is when she sees it and makes a surprised face like–who did that?! It cracks me up every time and of course, I have to hold it in because I have to show her it’s not ok for that to happen. Gosh, I love this girl!

What’s going on in her world

You guys! Caroline is starting to walk to me like 12-15 steps before falling! This just started yesterday!!! I’m sooooo proud of her and excited!!

I can’t believe this little one is 21 months old! We’ve already planned some things we want to do for her 2nd birthday and I’m just so excited!!!

Have the best of days friends! It’s Wednesday!

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  1. Emily stopka on October 16, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    You forgot to mention who her bestie is…. me…. 😉 jk. Love this sweet sweet baby sooooo much!!!

    • Holley on October 16, 2019 at 1:20 pm

      I did forget and that’s something I wanted to mention!!! She is obsessed with you Aunt Emmy! And so am I! 🙂

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