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Caroline 18-Months Old

my growing baby

Our sweet girl is 18-months old! I can’t believe it! I feel like this is a milestone month. I guess I feel like it’s a milestone month whenever she’s been wearing the size of clothing that she is finally turning! lol! This girl has grown and changed so much this past month! I can’t wait to share it all with you!


She is loving so many different things but still so picky about certain things. She loves pancakes, hummus with pita chips, waffles, chicken, salmon, cookies, apples, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, smoothies, Nutella, and the list goes on. Those are some of her absolute favorites though!


Caroline loves to read her books still. She could honestly sit for 30 minutes and just entertain herself with looking at her books. She also loves getting into anything and everything especially if it looks like grown-up stuff. Nailpolish bottles are one of her favs! And one of my favorite things for her are the many ideas the Busy Toddler has. She is GREAT! And Caroline has loved each of her little ideas.


Oh my gosh, sleep! We went through the craziest sleep stuff this past month. She was acting wacky! She was refusing naps, taking two naps, only taking one nap, waking up at night, crying to sleep, it was crazy you guys! But we got through it and she is back to her little self for the most part. The only big difference is she only takes one nap a day now. It’s a long one which is nice but mama misses having two naps. lol!


This girl talks about all kinds of things, mostly things we have no idea about. lol! She LOVES to pretend like she’s talking on the phone and having a conversation, especially with Dada. And she loves saying smoothie, cookie, chocolate, banana, bow, hot, and naming just about everyone she loves. It’s the cutest darn thing. I just love it! But I think John and I’s favorite word she says is cheese because it sounds like eezz. So stinking cute!

things she loves

She loves the song Belle still, cheese, all grown-up things, bows in her hair, baths, swimming, splashing like crazy, dancing, Finding Dory–she could watch that all day every day, making silly faces–especially this kissy face at the camera, and so much more.

things she doesn’t like

Umm..most vegetables if they’re not hidden in her smoothie, she’s not a fan of super long car trips, and definitely not a fan of things being too hot.

funny happenings

I feel like I crack up every day at something she does especially when it comes to her facial expressions, they are soo funny and really random.

what’s going on in her world,

Caroline is still working super hard on learning to walk. Some days are easier than others but she’s getting there. She pulls herself up on just about everything and loves to climb all over the place. The walking will come soon I’m thinking.

She also had her first swimming lesson and she loved it! She didn’t want her instructor to leave, she kept motioning her to come back. I was so proud of how quickly she was able to catch on to little things like kicking her feet and trying the first steps to floating.

I hope you have a great day! And check out my meal planning, I have a grocery list available for you too! 🙂



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