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Caroline: 15 months old

my growing baby

Our sweet girl is 15 months old today!

And wow, how time is flying.

It’s truer than true that time speeds up when you have kids. I look back and can’t believe that this sweet giggly girl has been in our life for over a year.

With time racing by and memories coming and going, I wanted to write a post documenting Caroline’s present sweet little life at 15 months old. I’m a big memories girl. I love making memories with my family and I’m always trying to take mental pictures of the goings on of life. So here’s a post about this sweet little girl of ours and some of her current favorite things. This time is so special and trust me we aren’t taking any of it for granted!

Let’s start with a favorite for just about everyone…


For breakfast, Caroline loves to eat waffles, pancakes, eggs, anything mommy and daddy are eating, strawberries, or cheerios.

We always try to eat lunch at home together instead of out and about. Caroline loves to eat apple pieces, a mozzarella cheese stick, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk or water. I made the yummiest PB&J the other day featured in the picture. Brioche bread with PB&J pressed on a panini press! Holy cow! Soooo yummy!!!

Dinner time is a little messier. I try to give her what we’re eating for dinner but sometimes she just doesn’t like it and on the floor, it goes. 🙁 Instead of fighting her to eat it, I always keep baked chicken, Italian seasoned green beans, and crackers ready to eat. She loves this!

This girl loves some snacks! From Cheerios to veggie straws to granola bars to fruit to any cheese this girl is in! She loves to take bites of our snacks and gets so excited to drink from our water bottles.


Caroline loves her basket of books. She can sit with her books for a good 20 minutes just looking at them and pretending to read them. She also loves to dump all her toys out and go through the whole basket searching for favorites like her tea set. She thinks it’s so fun to pour the tea and stir the spoon.

But I think her absolute favorite thing to do is scooting around the house and unloading anything she can get her hands on–it looks like a tornado hit our home often.

Caroline also loves to be outside! She cries so hard when we have to go in from playing outside. I can’t even say the word “outside” or she starts to get so antsy. We have begun to spell the word instead of saying it. I can’t believe we’re already at that stage!


She loves when we read “I love you Stinky Face” and a Sesame Street book about body parts. She loves getting to point to all her body parts. It’s so stinking cute when she does this! But hey, I’m biased!

Sleep Caroline still takes two naps a day! She loves her naps and I do too! And 98% of the time she sleeps through the night. Thank you, Jesus!

Things she loves

She loves her Wubbanubs, giving kisses, clothes, trying to put on clothes, shoes–especially sparkly ones, her therapy pants, bath time, drinking from our water bottles, wearing Mommy’s jewelry, books, scooting all over the house, unloading anything, and lots of cuddles.

Things she doesn’t like

Vegetables–she just doesn’t like most veggies I keep telling myself one day she will, riding in the car for over an hour, getting her nails trimmed–she lets me do it but for only like two nails at a time.

Funny happenings

The other day I told her “no no” and wagged my finger… I know I know you’re probably not supposed to do that…anyway I did and the next time I said it she wagged her finger at me. It was one of the funniest/ cutest things.

The other cute thing she has been doing lately is trying to blow her nose in tissues and trying to blow out candles anytime she sees a flame. It’s the cutest darn thing.


She says the obvious ones all the time mama, dada, something that sounds like bubba, sometimes she says hi and bye bye, but the cutest babbles to me are when she’s pretending to read, gets really excited, or gets this look on her face like she really has something important to say and these high pitch squeaks come from her mouth. Oh, how I just love it!

What’s going on in her world

Caroline has a very predictable day and we love it! The only new thing is Physical Therapy for crawling and walking. She is doing really great so far. Those are her therapy shorts (and do you see the tornado I’m talking about). They’re helping her to build the muscle she needs. 🙂 Thankfully she loves them, she actually grabs them and starts to try and put them on herself.

Caroline my sweet girl, you are the best and I couldn’t be more grateful that you made me a mommy. I’m so thankful for the hope, courage, and endurance God graced us with to get to you! It was worth every painful patient moment.

We love you forever!

If you have a little one what are they up to? 🙂 What’s their favorite food, book, toy? I love reading about other people’s babies. 🙂



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