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Book Review // September 2020

It’s that time of the month where I review the books I’ve read in the past month! YAY!!!

You guys, I’m so surprised how many books I didn’t read this month. I don’t know what happened to me. This past month was kind of a funky month for us. We were super busy and not to mention the Lightning were in the Stanley Cup and WON! So there were lots of late nights and things happening around here.

But the two books I did read this past month were really good and I can’t wait to recommend them to you!

So let’s get to it!

Book Review // September 2020

The Simple Wild

  • R
  • Novel
  • Audible

The first book I read this past month was The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker and it was soooooo GOOD! It was predictable at times and totally could be made into a Hallmark movie, it kinda felt like I was reading a Hallmark movie at times. 😂

It’s about a young woman who reconnects with her father who lives in Alaska and owns a charter plane company. And of course, there is a young man who works for her dad who is completely annoying but she learns to lean on him as her father has some difficulties.

The Simple Wild is a really quick, really good read. I think it’s perfect for this time of year as the weather changes and we come to the close of summer.

I will say this book got a little R-rated at times which I’m not a big fan of in a book. I tend to lean on the side of feeling like it cheapens the book and the author’s writing skills. I personally think some things should be left up to the imagination. Just being honest with you! 😊

American Royals II: Majesty

  • Pg-13
  • Novel
  • Audible

My second read was one of my FAVORITES– American Royals II: Majesty by Katharine McGee!!!!! I was so excited that the second book came out this month to the American Royals Series.

If you haven’t read the first book you need to before you read this one. Gosh, you guys Katharine McGee is a genius for coming up with this idea of a story about American Royals. It’s fun, exciting, and definitely surprises you.

I found myself hating parts of the story at the beginning–like not rooting for certain characters or relationships and in the end totally falling in love with some of them. I love it when an author can change your mind slowly throughout the story. I think that’s a sign of a great author.

And Katharine left room for a 3rd book! I’m SOOO EXCITED!!! I feel like it can’t come out fast enough!

So if you have read the first book American Royals, American Royals II picks right back up where they left off.

I usually try to give a synopsis of the book but I don’t want to with this one because I think I would give away too much information if you haven’t read the first one.

So just trust me with this and go read both…NOW! 🥰

And that about wraps up my very small book review for this month. I am currently reading on my kindle the second book to The Simple Wild–Wild at Heart and I’m not as crazy about it so it’s taking me way longer to get through it.

Hope you guys have the BEST Tuesday!

Let me know what I should read next in the comments below!

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