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Book Review // October 2020

You guys I’m so excited to write this book review!! I love a good book and I read some really great ones this month! YAY!

Book Review // October 2020

Million Dollar Habits

  • G
  • Self-Help
  • Audible

The first book I read this month was title Million Dollar Habits by Robert Ringer. This book was truly inspiring and full of great ideas and morals to live by. I enjoy any book that seems to give compelling truths on how to live a better life and/or how to better yourself.

Ringer is a great story teller so it was fun to listen to many of his life stories as he wrote about how to make wise choices and succeed. This was one of those books that I keep telling my husband he needed to read because I felt it was just very inspiring.

If you’re into Self-Help/Inspirational reads this is a good one to read!

The Girl With Seven Names

  • PG-13
  • Autobiography
  • Audible

You guys this is the second book I’ve read recently about North Korean defectors and the stories are so similar. It is amazing what someone from North Korea must go through to survive in North Korea and outside of North Korea. Truly amazing.

Hyeonseo Lee the author and survior takes you through her journey of growing up in North Korea and escaping North Korea only to find herself having to change her name and identity many times before she even hits age 30. She is a true hero and I believe has a gifted mind. The stories Lee tells of her escaping very dangerous situations and being able to think so clearly and throughouly is unbelievable.

If you’re looking for a story to help you remain thankful for all you have this is a good one to read. I personally love to read a story like this becuase it helps put things into perspective for me.

Our Stop

  • PG-13
  • Romantic Novel
  • Audible

Oh this book gets me soooo excited! I LOVED it! Gosh is was truly just so cute with every twist and turn!

I have to say though I felt like I had to push through a little in the beginning and I’m so glad I did! Our Stop is set in London and is based on a super fun love story of a man and woman riding the tube each day. The man notices her and she doesn’t even see him. He puts an add in the newspaper asking her to coffee. The girl now has to find out is it her he is speaking about and if so then who is he? The author takes you on a super fun roller coaster of twists and turns and near misses of each other in this fun love story.

If you love a good story set in London and/or a good clean love story this one is so fun!

The Royal We

  • PG-13
  • Romantic Novel
  • Audible

And last but certainly not least, I read The Royal We. I’m not going to lie I was super hesitant about reading this. I wasn’t sure I would even like it but gosh you guys I LOVED it! Needless to say, I think a story with love and Europe always gets me!

The Royal We is such a darling read. I had many emotions while reading it but couldn’t stop. I loved how the story begins at Oxford with an American student Bex, studying abroad and the Prince of England becoming dear friends only to find that they are quickly falling in love.

The authors take you on this crazy love story of what it might be like to truly fall in love with someone and not the throne. It was such a fun read to follow Bex as she navigates what it means to not only fall for a cute British guy but a cute British guy who will one day be the King of England with the eyes of the world always upon him.

If you like fun twists and turns in a good love story this book is one to pick up! And BONUS, it has a second book after it! YAY!

Alright you guys, these books were so fun and let me tell you/remind you that there is no way I would have ever been able to finish all of these if it weren’t for Audible. I SWEAR by it! Seriously, if you’re a busy mom like me you need to try it out! I listen to books when I’m driving, cleaning, cooking, really doing anything that doesn’t take my full concentration and I LOVE IT!!!!

So treat yourself and get an Audible subscription along with some airpods and you can thank me later!

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  1. Joanne on November 18, 2020 at 8:07 pm

    The Royal We has been on my list for some time and The Girl with Seven Names sounds really good. Pinned.

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