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Birthday Books for Kids

I have created a list of 5 Birthday Books for Kids. I found these books so fun to read to my daughter on her birthday!

Birthday Books for Kids 5 books listed by

Last month we celebrated Caroline’s 3rd birthday! And I thought it would be fun to add some birthday books to her fun birthday week. So I headed to our library website and searched for books with the topic of birthday and I found these below! They are so cute and added an extra touch of birthday fun to her special day!

Birthday Books for Kids

Dog and Friends Birthday

Dog & Friends Birthday book with dog and his presents on the cover

This book is sweet and short and shares with little ones the things the dog receives on his birthday. Our library had it in a board book style. I don’t know if it comes any other way.

Happy Birthday from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Happy Birthday from the Very Hungry Caterpillar book

I tend to believe that any Eric Carle book is great! This one is just that! It’s cute and fun. It talks all about how great the birthday person is and how special they are. And of course, the illustrations are perfect!

The Faires’ Birthday Surprise

The Fairies' Birthday Surprise book

This book is cute and of course is all about fairies. The fairies in their little fairy land are trying to make a birthday cake for their Fairy Queen’s birthday without using their fairy magic.


Birthday non-fiction book with a cupcake and candles on the cover

Birthday is a non-fiction book. It goes over the things that happened when it’s someone’s birthday. I love to get Caroline some non-fiction books when at the library or when looking for a specific theme. I think it helps give more understanding of the subject. And this book does a great job of it with pictures and simple sentences.

Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish

Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish book

Last but certainly not the least is Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish. This was our favorite one from all the birthday books! It was so cute! I actually think I will be buying it because it was just that good! The story is all about the rules you have to follow when making a birthday wish and they are just as silly as ever!

So there you go! Five fun books based on birthdays! I really felt like this was extra fun and added a little something extra to Caroline’s birthday!

I hope you are able to find some of these at your local library or can purchase one of two from Amazon!

Happy Birthday reading!

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