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Back to School Checklist

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Back to school has begun and some counties are already back. I know a lot of my family and friends are headed back into the classroom this week to set things up and many mommies and daddies are getting ready to send their little ones off for reading, writing, and arithmetic. So I thought I’d share my Back to School checklist to help out. Teaching for 8 years, going to school for 18, and sending my husband off each day to 3 years of Law school definitely helps fuel this list!

I hope you enjoy!

Stress less with this Back to School Checklist for parents, it has everything you need from routines, to meals, and first day pictures ready so you don't forget any of it!

This list includes everything from clothes, to meals, to your routines, to the first day of school pictures. I wanted to help in any way to make your first week back to school easier! I know for me I love to have a checklist or a written plan. It just helps to make me feel less crazy and more at peace knowing I do know what’s going on and I do have a plan–it’s all on paper not floating around in my brain.

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And if you’re wondering what to pick up for your child’s new teacher as the first day of school gift (if you do this, totally not necessary). Check out my end of the year school gifts post. I think all of these apply to the beginning of the year too! Tip: If you can/if you have time buy something that you can personalize (Etsy). Your child’s teacher will be so grateful!

Enjoy! Tag me in an Insta Pic if you complete any of your checklist or buy a gift from Etsy! 🙂



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