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The complete baby registry list

The Complete Baby Registry List

Tomorrow is the first day of May! What?!

And a lot of my friends are nearing their due date! So with baby showers on the horizon, I finally came up with my complete baby registry recommendation list.

It’s a long list and it’s taken me a little while to compile, but it’s here. These are all the items that have helped me survive Caroline’s first year. I really stand by all of them. You can find most of them on Amazon, at Target, and Buy Buy Baby.

Before we get started, when making a registry I recommend to register at a couple of different places and definitely register on Amazon. People love using Amazon and it’s super easy.

So open a couple of tabs. Make a baby registry account for Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby(if you have one near you), and off we go!

Sleep Items


 I love love love these! Caroline had a hard time keeping a regular pacifier in her mouth and these were absolute magic. We have several now. 🙂


 I had several of these so if Caroline had an explosive diaper in one I was able to have a clean one ready for the next nap. Swaddling helped Caroline sleep through the night early on. I prefer the kind with the zipper like the one shown above. I always felt they were safer. I also liked these because when I transitioned her out of the swaddle I would put one arm in and one arm out. 🙂 As she grew I bought different sizes.

Sleep Sack

Caroline sleeps in this to this day. I love it because it is a blanket that stays on her. So comfy!

Zipadee Zip When I was transitioning Caroline from swaddling to just a sleep sack, I would put her in a Zipadee Zip to sleep at night. She didn’t need it for naps but she needed it to get through the night. They look crazy but they’re AMAZING!

Baby List Items



We splurged on a good crib. We figured it would be one that we have for our future children(God willing). I love this crib so much! It’s beautiful, so easy to put together, and definitely worth the money for us.  


Of course, you will want to get a good mattress. This is similar to what we purchased.

Mattress Liner

A mattress liner is nice to have when there is the occasional leak or spit up. I have two. I like to know that if I need to change and wash one in between naps or the middle of the night I have another one ready to go.


Fitted Sheets

Not much to explain. I have at least 3 for the occasional mess.


 I like to keep a muslin blanket in my diaper bag. You just never know when you can use it. I also like having soft blankets or this target blanket  for naps and thick ones to put on the floor for when Caroline first started sitting to play on.



Looking back I wouldn’t want any other clothing for Caroline for the first 2-3 months. These are my absolute favorites! I like how the zipper zips from the top down, they have covers for the hands and footies so you aren’t messing around with socks.

Baby Monitor

This monitor is simple and easy to use and we’ve been very happy with it. We didn’t need one that was connected to our phones because I’m home with Caroline. But there are some super fancy ones out there that do connect to your phone. 

Sound Machine

We LOVE this! We use it for her naps and nighttime sleep.

Rocking chair

Seriously I spent/spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect chair. We shopped high and low for one and I made sure to sit in each one until I fell in love. Make sure you like it! Buy Buy Baby has some great chairs. Our chair is different but is no longer available but this one looks similar.

Darkening curtains

Darkening curtains are fantastic for nap time. They make the room a lot darker than just blinds or regular curtains.

Diaper Duty



This thing was a pain to put together but I love the look and how deep the drawers are. I bought the inserts to go with it so I could organize everything. I love it!!


Changing table topper

I was unsure about this purchase at first but we actually still change Caroline’s diapers on it. I like how it is extra wide so I can store things like wipes on top. We got ours from Babies R Us but this one is similar. Definitely worth the purchase for us.

Changing Pad

I have one like this for Caroline’s changing pad. I personally tuck the straps underneath because I put the changing pad cover over it.


Changing Pad Cover 

This changing pad cover is so soft, pretty, and washes well. The Cloud Island brand has cute boy and neutral ones.

Changing LinerI place one of these in between the changing pad and cover. I like to know there is a little extra protection for the occasional mess.

Changing liner

These are great! I put them under Caroline on top of the changing pad cover so that if there is an extra mess this catches it and I don’t have to take the whole changing pad off. They wash really well too.

Laundry basket

I keep this close to Caroline’s dresser so it’s easy to toss her clothes in the hamper and not on the floor.

 Diaper Pail

I went with this one instead of the diaper genie. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two so I went off looks and price. This one has done a great job keeping the smell in and it’s very easy to operate.

Diaper Pail Refill

Have several of these on hand and add them to your Amazon Dash Buttons. Trust me, you don’t want to be left without them.

Wipe dispenser

I didn’t use a wipe warmer and I don’t regret it. I like this wipe holder a lot and it seems to get the job done.

Diaper Rash Cream

So far I have liked this Diaper Rash Cream the best!

I really want to try this one though. It looks pretty cool and I’ve loved anything Boogie Wipes brand has made.

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

This is soooo nice! I use it to put on diaper cream so my hands don’t get all yucky.

Hand sanitizer

I know it’s kinda weird but it’s so nice to have when you change a diaper and you can’t run to get your hands washed after. This is the travel version.

Hand sanitizer wipes

I use these for on-the-go surface wipe down.

Diaper Organizer

We live in a two-story home so it’s nice to have an organized diaper holder downstairs. I hate running up and down the stairs to change Caroline’s diaper. Instead, I just fill this with diapers, cream, wipes, and her changing mat.

Grooming & Medicine

Nail clippers

I like these because they are so small and easy to use when you can actually cute your kiddos nails. Good luck! 


 The best! Before I had Caroline I thought the NoseFrida was disgusting and my best friend would just laugh at me. Now I know why she was laughing. Even if you think this item is disgusting just buy it! Trust me you will be thankful you did. 

Saline Spray

In my opinion, this one works the best. This saline spray works pretty well too.


I did not realize how much I would really like having one of these. It helped Caroline so much when she had a little cold.

Always ask your pediatrician for safe measurements for the following medications.


For the obvious reasons. I have used this for fevers and toothaches.


This too. It’s nice to have both Tylenol and Motrin on hand ready to go so you aren’t stuck with a sick baby and no medicine. Having both is nice to alternate when trying to lower a fever.

Vapor Rub

A good chest rub is nice to help break up any inflammation.

Cough medicines

A friend of mine who is a pediatric nurse gave this to me. I like it a lot for when Caroline has had a little cough.

Fridababy Windi

These are great! When we were introducing different foods to Caroline she would have a lot of gas and I hated giving her tons of gas medicine. This seemed to relieve her quickly, she didn’t like the feeling at first but she would be much happier afterward.

Gripe Water

I like having this on hand in the early stages. I didn’t use it often but when I did it seemed to help a little.


I love these!! They help so much with a yucky nose or wax filled ear.


We use this all the time. Our pediatrician said you can even use it for diaper rash or on their face. Caroline has dry patches of skin and this helps to alleviate it.

Boogie Wipes

The women who created these really came up with a genius invention. They’re magical! Check out your local Dollar Tree for these, my DT has a small pack of 10 wipes for a $1. I like to keep these in my diaper bag instead of a huge pack.

 Cradle Cap Brush

I still use this brush for the occasional cradle cap for Caroline. The best remedy I’ve found is to rub coconut oil on her head and use the white comb the brush out the cradle cap. It’s great!


I really like how soft this brush is for Caroline’s head. And I really like the comb too. Great combo! I bought two sets. I keep one brush and comb in her dresser and I keep one brush in the car and a comb in my diaper bag.

 Tooth Brush

Around 10 months we started brushing her teeth. There are all kinds of toothbrushes out there for babies but I just decided to go with an easy inexpensive one. And Caroline loves it. She really likes the fact that Pooh and Tigger are on her toothbrush.

 Tooth Paste

Caroline doesn’t mind the taste of this toothpaste at all!

Aveeno Soap

Caroline has sensitive skin and this creamy soap has been great!

 Bath towels

I like any bath towel with a hood for Caroline.


We never used the netting for this bathtub but really enjoyed using the larger section to bathe Caroline.

  Wash cup

I love this wash cup! The flexibility and size are great!

 Bath toys

Caroline loves playing with her bath toys and these are so fun!


We use a new washcloth each day for Caroline so it’s nice to have plenty to go through.

Nursing & Bottles

Nursing cover

I love this because I feel covered everywhere unlike the ones that just hang around your neck. Caroline used to just whip that one off with her hands. She can’t do that with this one.


I used this for nursing but more for sitting on after giving birth. It helped me so much!

Dr. Brown Bottles

These were great and easy. Caroline’s feeding specialist liked them too so that made me feel good. 

Dr. Brown Sanitizer

This is not necessary but I liked having it for a good clean.

Dr. Brown warmer

We didn’t need to use this that much but it was helpful when we needed to heat up a bottle.


Drying Rack

 It was nice to have a separate drying rack for all the bottle and pumping stuff because there is a ton of it!


Buy 2 of these if you are mainly bottle feeding. You’ll be amazed by how many little bottle and breast pump pieces you’ll have lying around.

Bottle Brush Cleaner

I had several of these.

Breast Pump

Get one through your insurance for FREE!

Breast Pump

I liked to use this one in the car or when I didn’t want to lug the bigger pump around. Sometimes if we were in really bad traffic I would put my sling on and pump underneath. 

Breast pump bra

 I bought 2 so that I could wash and hang dry the other one and still have one to use.

Nipple Cream

Explains itself.

 Burp Cloths

Of all the burp cloths we used these were the most durable. I found myself always reaching for these if they were clean.

Swings & Seats


 Caroline slept in this for the first month, then I transitioned her to her crib. I know this is not recommended by pediatricians(so please if you do this, do at your own risk), but let me tell you this thing was an absolute lifesaver for me!

Mama Roo

Caroline loved this thing and would sit in it when I needed to put her down if I didn’t want to put her on the carpet.

Booster seat

We bought a high chair but this is just as great, easier to clean, and easy to travel with. We take it with us to eat at family and friends, and keep it on a kitchen chair while at home.

On the Go!

Diaper Bag

 I didn’t spend much on a really nice diaper bag because I knew I would want a new one about every 4 months, kinda like I change my purses. I actually have fun going to TJMaxx and Marshall’s and getting a backpack there that I can use as a diaper bag.  Changing pad

I keep this one in my car at all times for diaper changes especially a messy one.

Wipe container

For on the go.

Car seat

We purchased this car seat and have been happy with it but it would have been nice to have an even lighter one.

Next up Car Seat

Caroline just transitioned to this car seat! We love it and so does she. She loves putting her drink in the cup holder and she just seems more comfortable now.


Car Seat Padding 

I’ve really enjoyed this set. We still use the strap set on Caroline’s new car seat. The padding is soft and the strap set is nice and thin so it’s not bulky and in Caroline’s face. Target also has a neutral set.

Mirror for the car

I love this for the car. It’s so fun to look at Caroline in the car and it makes me feel better to know she is ok.


Car Seat cover

I love this car seat cover because of the linen fabric, stretch at the bottom, and zipper to see Caroline. It’s perfect for the Florida heat and wears great when folded up half way on the car seat.


Basket of Toys

I place this on the floor full of books, toys, and pacifiers in the back of the car so I can easily reach it to give Caroline a toy or pacifier when she gets antsy on a car ride.

A good Stroller and Car seat adapter

We have a Bob and I love it for outdoor adventures. I love it for walks, the park, the zoo, and adventures in the city.

We got this adapter, snack tray, handlebar console(comes with air pump for the tires), and a rain cover for the Bob.

I had a hard time deciding which stroller to get because I also really liked the Nuna and the UPPAbaby strollers.

Make sure you go to a store like Buy Buy Baby, Dillards, or Nordstrom and try out the different strollers. Buy Buy Baby has the largest selection that I’ve seen.

Umbrella Stroller

 It might be overkill but we also have this Umbrella stroller. I love love love it!! I use it when we are shopping in stores or traveling because it’s so lightweight and fits into small areas.


 I used this for about the first 4months of Caroline’s life almost all the time. It was so cozy and she fit so perfectly inside.

Baby Carrier

When she grew out of the sling I would carry her in this if I wanted. So comfortable for the back. She still fits great in it!


Pack N’ Play

These pretty much explain themselves. We use it for so many things: play, travel, safe place to place Caroline now while I take a quick shower.

Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

This is great for both the shopping cart and high chair and it folds up great into itself. The only carts it doesn’t cover are Sam’s, Costco, and Aldi carts.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Can I tell you how much loved this thing! I was excited when Caroline could finally sit up in the grocery cart but I was so sad that she wouldn’t be laying in this anymore! She was sooooo cute in it and loved it! I loved how I could see her face, how she didn’t have to stay in her car seat, how I didn’t have to lug the car seat into the store, and I had tons of space to put our groceries. It was amazing!!!

Sippy Cups & Utensils

Sippy Cup

I like these the best. The straw is amazing. It’s weighted so the baby is always able to get something through.

I also like this sippy cup.

Snack container

 Caroline uses it every day!


These were great when Caroline first started eating pureed foods. I liked the size and softness.

Random Items


Baby book

This book is so sweet for documenting your baby’s growth and memories.

Board Books

Caroline can’t get enough of her board books. I really like to go to the Dollar Tree and pick up board books but I also like to get them off Amazon. I’m also really thankful when people buy them for her as a gift.

Baby hangers

This was a thing I didn’t realize I would need until I thought about hanging all of Caroline’s clothes. Target and Amazon have them for great prices.


These are the best teethers! Caroline still uses them now. Her feeding therapist recommended them and I agree with her they are fantastic.

Memberships & Pick-Ups

Sam’s or Costco

They have the best deals on diapers and wipes if you ask me. 


For the obvious deliveries

Walmart Grocery Pick-up

Amazing when you don’t want to want to go in for groceries with the baby.

Target Drive-Up

I use this often for the occasional emergency diaper run. I have also used it when Caroline is sick.

Well, that about wraps it up! I hope you really like the list and get a lot of ideas from it. Please comment below the items you recommend for 0-12 months old. I love getting ideas from others!

Happy Baby Registering!




  1. Cynda St.Cere on May 9, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    Thank you so much for these suggestions!! I used this as I completed my registry as a first time mommy to be!!

    • Holley on May 9, 2019 at 6:59 pm

      I’m so excited for you Cynda and I’m glad it helped! I truly do love each of these products! You’re going to be an AMAZING mommy!

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